Prohibition Brewing Company is located in an old distillery on the outskirts of Kelowna in British Columbia's Okanagan Region.

We are 100% B.C. owned and operated and strive to bring clean, crisp and refreshing traditional beers while supporting local suppliers and communities.

Bringing you back to a time when ordering a beer was worth the risk. We brew beers so good, you'd ask for them even it was prohibited.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the brewery?
It is in the old Hiriam Walker Distillery in Kelowna BC. 

Why prohibition?
We make beers so good you’d ask for them even if it was prohibited. 

Why the blind pig?
A Blind Pig was the speakeasy for the working man. We chose it as our symbol as we are aiming to bring craft beers to good, honest, hard working people! Not just the craft beer elite. 

Who did the labels? 
The Labels were hand rendered by Vancouver artist, Rory Doyle.