Lawless IPA

Prohibition Lawless IPA is a west coast style IPA. At 60 IBU it’s the perfect balance of hops and malts and delivers a smooth dry bitterness that won’t blow your pallet up.

Lawless starts off bitter and finishes extra dry making your pallet beg for more. It is the perfect choice for the experienced beer drinker looking for something that pairs well with food dishes as well as newer IPA drinkers that want a well balanced, delicious beer.

Beer Profile

India Pale Ale

Hops Used
Perle, Magnum, Cascade and Cluster.



Tasting Notes

650ml bottles
Draught where available

Where to Buy Lawless IPA


All major B.C. Liquor stores, Alberta Liquor Depot and specialty stores throughout B.C. and Alberta.

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